Structural Steel


Steel structural reinforcements are an important aspect of roof deck services provided by Chicago Roof Deck + Garden. Reinforcing a roof deck with steel ensures that the structure is able to support the weight of the deck, furniture, and any other amenities that will be added to the space. This is especially important in urban areas where rooftop decks are becoming more popular, as the structures must be able to withstand heavy use and a range of weather conditions.

Steel structural reinforcements may involve adding steel beams or columns to support the weight of the deck, or installing a steel substructure to reinforce the entire roof. The specific approach taken will depend on factors such as the size and layout of the roof, as well as any existing structural issues that need to be addressed.

In addition to providing structural support, steel reinforcements can also be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a roof deck. For example, exposed steel beams can create an industrial-chic look, while sleek, hidden steel columns can provide a more streamlined appearance.

Overall, steel structural reinforcements are an important component of roof deck services, ensuring that rooftop spaces are both safe and functional. Chicago Roof Deck + Garden can provide expert guidance on the most appropriate type of reinforcement for a given project, and can ensure that the work is completed to the highest standards.

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