Masonry Waterproofing


Masonry involves the construction of structures using materials such as brick, stone, and concrete. In the context of roof decks, masonry is often used to build walls, pillars, and other support structures that add stability and aesthetic value to the deck. Our team of professionals can provide expert masonry services to ensure that your roof deck is structurally sound and visually appealing.

Waterproofing, on the other hand, is the process of making a surface impervious to water. In the context of roof decks, waterproofing is critical to ensure that water does not seep through the deck and damage the structure underneath. Our team can provide a range of waterproofing solutions, including the use of sealants, membranes, and coatings, to keep your roof deck protected from water damage.

Overall, masonry and waterproofing are essential components of any roof deck construction or renovation project. By offering these services, Chicago Roof Deck + Garden can ensure that your roof deck is not only beautiful but also structurally sound and protected from the elements.

Chicago Roof Deck Masonry Waterproofing 2