Our Process

Chicago Roof Deck Our Process

The process begins with design, where the project is conceptualized and plans are developed. Next, architecture and permitting take place, where necessary permits and approvals are obtained, and zoning and building codes are adhered to. Engineering follows, where structural and other technical aspects of the project are addressed. Site inspection is conducted to ensure the work is done correctly and safely. Construction takes place once all the planning is complete and includes all the building work. Maintenance occurs to ensure the structure is in good condition and continues to function properly. Finally, fabrication and installation represent the culmination of the process, involving the manufacturing of necessary components and their assembly or installation on site. This step ensures that all parts of the project are properly fabricated, delivered, and installed, fulfilling the design's vision and specifications.

Chicago Roof Deck Our Process

Project estimates and budgeting
Schematic design
Construction code compliance oversight
Architectural feasibility analysis

Chicago Roof Deck Our Process
Architecture & Permitting

Preliminary zoning and building code compliance review
Structural viability review
FOIA requests coordination
Design and engineering integration
Zoning variation

Chicago Roof Deck Our Process

Structural roof and building analysis
Structural reinforcements design and calculations
Building conditions assessment
Construction oversight to ensure correct installation and code compliant

Chicago Roof Deck Our Process
Site Inspection

Structural integrity assessment
Trusses, beams, joist, walls, and substructure inspection
Thermal imaging
Roof core testing and waterproofing layers condition appraisal
Ventilation assessment
Generate findings report & recommendations & future maintenance plan

Chicago Roof Deck Our Process

Structural steel and wooden reinforcement
Roof deck oriented roofing and waterproofing
Structural and decorative carpentry
Masonry work
Door and windows installation
Flashing systems
Electrical, low voltage and entertainment systems
Exterior heating installation, electrical or gas operated infrared heaters
Decorative steel and carpentry

Chicago Roof Deck Our Process

Cleaning and power washing
Painting and staining
Electrical, low voltage and entertainment systems upgrades and repairs

Chicago Roof Deck Our Process

Fabrication and Installation

Aluminum railing, fencing, and deck framing systems
Aluminum and steel pergolas
Decorative aluminum screening
Custom aluminum planters, fire pits, and cabinetry
Custom synthetic cabinetry
CNC metal forming and bending
Metal welding
Precision laser cutting
Prefinishing, finishing, and assembly

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