Business Owners

Our team has considerable experience collaborating closely with business owners to enhance or create their outdoor spaces.

Which businesses can benefit from having a rooftop space?

Restaurants and bars
Rooftop dining and drinking areas can be a major draw for customers, offering unique views and outdoor experiences.

Rooftop pools, lounges, and event spaces can provide additional amenities for hotel guests and help to differentiate a property from competitors.

Rooftops can be used for employee break areas, outdoor meeting spaces, or even gardens, providing a valuable perk for employees and improving morale.

Retail stores
Rooftop spaces can be used for pop-up shops, outdoor events, or even as a unique backdrop for product displays.

Fitness centers
Rooftop fitness classes and outdoor workout areas can provide an additional attraction for gym-goers and offer a unique fitness experience.

When collaborating with businesses, we have the capability to transform your CAD drawings or initial concepts into a 3D model of your commercial space.
Chicago Roof Deck
Chicago Roof Deck
Chicago Roof Deck
    Take a look at some of our top collaborations where we designed rooftop spaces for some of the most notable venues in Chicago.
    Chicago Roof Deck
    Chicago Roof Deck
    Chicago Roof Deck
    Chicago Roof Deck
    Chicago Roof Deck
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