Get Your Ducks In a Row

Duck Duck Goat Butcher Duck Duck Goat Butcher

Should you know someone, or at least know someone who knows someone, you might be able snag a reservation.  Or if your wife, by nothing other than dumb luck, happened to have called for a reservation on their opening day, you are one of the few who have had the opportunity to experience Staphanie Izzard’s newest success story, Duck Duck Goat, a gourmet Chinese inspired restaurant located in The Fulton Market neighborhood of Chicago.

Maybe it was the paper-thin walls talking, but just like the rest of her establishments, you can expect a loud and energetic atmosphere from the moment you walk through the doors.  While there is certainly an Asian influence in the overall design of the space, don’t expect to be sitting cross legged on floor pillows.  The restaurant is broken up into different rooms, all of which have their own style but none seem to say, “I got the hot spot” or “I got the walk-in table”.

Duck Duck Goat Inside Duck Duck Goat Inside

Tall ceilings with long shelves of knickknacks throughout told us that in no way was this restaurant trying to be something that it wasn’t.  I didn’t get the feeling that they were taking themselves too seriously.  Fun Pink Umbrella Shades hung above and seemingly all of their plates as well as their chopsticks came branded with the signature Duck-Duck-Goat logo.

Wall Shelves Wall Shelves Duck Duck Goat Place Settings & Well Branded Chopsticks Duck Duck Goat Place Settings & Well Branded Chopsticks

So the question everyone probably wants to know is, “Does the food live up to the hype…?”  My honest opinion is if you liked Girl & The Goat (and how could you not?) then you will love Duck Duck Goat. Some of the items that we tried, to name a few… Shrimp Toast, Jiazo (Beef short rib and bone marrow potstickers), Slap Noodles, Duck Fried Rice, Chongqing Chicken, and Goat Neck Pancakes. I’m salivating at the memory of it all.

Bad news is: Next reservations are probably a few months out.  Who knows, perhaps this means Girl & The Goat Reservations will only take a few weeks to make now… I guess that’s just the way the fortune cookie crumbles

Good news is: Upon leaving the restaurant, our group was pleasantly surprised to learn that there will be a “Take Out” counter coming soon…

Duck Duck Goat Butcher Window Duck Duck Goat Butcher Window