Roof Decks, Building Permits and You

You want your roof deck to be as unique as you are, with all the nooks and crannies in tip-top shape. At Chicago Roof Deck + Garden, we keep you one step ahead of the competition with our in-house architect, Mike Ryan!

Mike has been a licensed architect here in Chicago since 2002 with a specialized interest in the codes that apply to roof decks and great relationships with the top city officials in the Department of Buildings. Mike provides our clients with all the expertise to build improvements that meet required building codes.

Thanks to Mike’s broad roof deck know-how, CRD+G is proud to report a 100% approval rate on all of our 2018 and 2019 permits that have required special approval, known as Alternative Code Approval Review permits or ACAR.

In other exciting news, Chicago will be adopting a new building code in December 2019, modeled on the International Building Code, or IBC. Mike was invited to review and help shape this new building code and we are very excited about some new design opportunities that will be available with the code in 2020!

Remember: If your roof deck designs fail to meet Chicago code specifications, the city can force you to take it down or try to retrofit it, causing real expenses. That’s where having an in-house architect gives you and your roof deck a real advantage!

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