Chicago Roof Deck at The Chicago Flower Show

If you haven’t heard by now, Chicago Roof Deck and Garden will have a 4,000 sf garden at this year’s Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier.

Let’s say that again just to get the point across, 4,000 square feet and featuring the first two-story garden ever at the show. The theme of this year’s show is Haute Couture, a fancy French term used to describe made to order high quality garments. In terms of landscaping, more specifically roof decks, this means sophisticated designs using top quality materials. For our garden we will be displaying some of the latest and greatest in outdoor products and materials including tropical hardwoods from South America and Africa, architectural acrylic paneling, tempered glass, stainless steel appliances and more. In an interview this morning with The Chicago Tribune we were asked how our brand defines elegance, how we express those ideas in our build outs and how we will bring that to the show. No doubt it is a large undertaking, let alone in a 4,000 sf temporary display, but we have pulled some of the best products from our vendors, manufactures and fabricators to make a one of a kind space. The garden will show how materials can be adapted to different applications (from decking to pergolas) and can reflect many different styles (from modern to contemporary). Our goal, not just in the show, is to illustrate that anything is possible on a roof deck. Chicago Roof Deck is a unique brand that combines the special intelligence of exterior space planning with the forms and finishes of an interior space. It is the definition of exterior living spaces. And now a glimpse of the show garden…

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