Beyond The Cubicle Event

On September 29th, 2016, (two weeks from today) we will be hosting an incredible event at our design studio called ‘Beyond The Cubicle’ which focusses on the improvement of office environments and how today’s options can help improve the overall wellness of employees everywhere.  We are teaming up with OfficeLuv, Crafty, Amlings Interior Landscapes, Food By Silver, Ryan Peter Miller, and Studio 6F to name a few.

With incredible grub provided by Ryan Silver, and a variety of beers, wines, and coffee options on tap from Crafty, we have a feeling it’s going to be one for the ages.  And of course, we’ll be busting out the fire-pits, and lounge groupings so we can all enjoy a perfectly brisk fall evening.

We have had extraordinary support from organizations like CBRE, Hansen Realty, Cubii, Sprout Social, Cards Against Humanity, HOK as well as Indirap Productions, Mauge Inc, Forward Space, Boulevard Concrete, VibeUp, and many others.

Our hope is that not only does everyone have a great time, but that everyone who comes through our building learns a little bit about our organization as well as what is possible in a work environment in the year of 2016.  Whether it is services, products, amenities, or technological advancements, there is always a better way to do your 9-5 routine!

If you are interested in attending the event, we encourage you to come see what all the buzz is about! Free Entry. Business Casual Dress Code. Anyone who is anyone will be there.

Event Website is HERE: