Material Madness

Ipe, Cedar, Granite and Stone.  We are guilty of it too.  As designers, we are all comfortable with what we are most familiar with.  But what if I told you there was an entire world of incredibly unique outdoor materials from which you could chose from when building your outdoor space?  Today, we are diving out into the world of outdoor materials (synthetic and natural) that we find to be completely mesmerizing.  Enjoy!


3Form is an impact-resistant UV-stable translucent polycarbonate panel material.  In a less wordy mouth-full, it is a plastic type of material that can be custom made to fit your project to give you that modern look you are after.  A much less traditional option, this material is great for illuminated focal elements or colorful screening pieces.

Wall & Deco – Out System

For when you want to make a statement, Wall & Deco has you covered.  Their outdoor wallpapers (Out System) are crazy striking and really help to create a sense of character in any given space. It is built for the outdoor elements and still comes with a 10 year warranty. If the quality is as impressive as their incredible designs, we’re sold.

Tropical Exotic Hardwood

For when you are looking for a more natural look, but want something a little more unique, tropical exotic hardwoods offer you some of the most beautiful (and massive) slabs of material that you’ve ever seen.   Their Instagram account never gets old!

Corten Steel

A great choice for a more rustic vibe, corten steel has an ageless beauty that just gets better with time.  Plus it’s pretty easy to keep looking fresh over the years, because the rustier – the better!

Perforated Metal

The effect that light can have on perforated metals, helping to cast some incredible shadows creates an infinite amount of design possibilities. When acting as a screen or overhead structure, it can help create a little bit of shade, while not making a space feel too enclosed.