King of the Roof Deck – Big Apple vs. The Windy City

There has been an ongoing debate between New Yorkers and Chicagoans over the years concerning whose Pizza reins Supreme… Which is interesting and all, but pizza is pizza.  And the truth is, in either city, you have thousands of options with hundreds of different styles.  So it gets muddy.

But to add to the ongoing rivalry that is The Big Apple vs. The Windy City, we pose another question which we feel is even more significant. Who is king of the outdoor spaces???  Both cities are tight on space and roof deck real estate is a commodity.  We’ve seen some pretty fresh outdoor terraces popping up along the High-Line in Manhattan’s Chelsea Neighborhood, but River North, Lincoln Park, even Fulton Market have been putting up some incredible roof deck spaces in the past few years as the booming Chicago hospitality and real estate markets continue to explode.

Below are some of the best outdoor spaces (private and public) in these two remarkable cities. So our question is, who do you feel is king of the Roof Deck?

New York City –

Chicago –