Top 5 Roof Decks in Chicago — Memorial Day 2016

Whether you are visiting Chicago for the holiday weekend or having friends or family visiting, the best way to experience Memorial Day weekend in Chicago is to find a great roof deck, plant yourself and enjoy some good drinks, great food, and hopefully a spectacular view!  Below is the list of Chicago’s hottest roof decks to hit up during the 2016 Memorial Day weekend.  It should be noted, if the whether is good, you might want to get there early to lock down a spot… and if you do, consider yourself lucky.  If you are too late, just tell them The Urban Wildlife sent you… not sure if it will help, but it can’t hurt to try.

1. Cindy’s at Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

Cindy's Roof Deck Cindy’s Roof Deck

2. J. Parker at Hotel Lincoln

J. Parker J. Parker

3. SoHo House Chicago

SoHo House Chicago Roof Deck SoHo House Chicago Roof Deck

4. Trump Terrace

Trump Terrace Trump Terrace

5. Bernie’s Lunch & Supper

Bernie's Lunch & Supper Roof Deck Bernie’s Lunch & Supper Roof Deck

BONUS London House – Not officially open until June but let’s just say this time next year, we have a feeling this could very well be number 1.

London House Rendering London House Rendering