It’s Not Delivery OR DiGiorno

I think we have to be thanking Mario for this craze.  The famous Italian making pizza bigger than something out of a cardboard box.  No not that Mario or his brother Luigi, but the pony tailed Mario Batali and his pizza baking brethren.  The at home pizza is now accessible to the average American and we are taking the sauce right out the back door to grill.  

Between Kalamazoo’s countertop pizza oven to the Big Green Egg’s pizza stone we are in the middle of a grill life crisis.  Ask Mark Wahlberg about kneading dough and his spicy pepperoni.  Get your mind out of the gutter, he has a pizza oven in his outdoor kitchen.

The big wood burning masonry units have always been appealing, but generally unachievable for the average backyard.  Now a host of products can be found online that hook right up to a gas line and take minutes to heat up.  Eat your heart out delivery boys.