RH, You Sneaky Little Devil!

The long stand by, the comfortable old blanket, mom’s meatloaf, apple pie a la mode.  Something is new over at Restoration Hardware.  It’s subtle and we almost missed it as we were lulled by your comforting beige and greys, over sized cushions and familiar lines.  Is that?  Could it be?  Mid century modern I see…outdoors none the less?!  Well look who is sneaking in some rosemary into the meat loaf and a scoop of gelato on my pie.  I think I like you…a lot.  

Aegean Aluminum, Cypress and St. Barts you had me at hello.  Don’t get me wrong I love the classics, but the new gal on the block is undeniable.  The deep seat of the St Bart still offers the comfort we come to expect from an RH set but looks like it would be as equally welcome in Don Drapers office.  Available in three sofa sizes along with chaise lounge the set can mix and match for large and compact outdoor areas.  

St. Barts Ottoman St. Barts Ottoman

The real winner of the group is the Aegean set with its petite metal frame offered in four different colors with our personal favorite, iron.  The offerings of three sofa sizes, arm chair, sectional, ottoman, coffee table, dinning table and chairs this set really does offer it all.  

Aegan Aluminum Collection Aegan Aluminum Collection

All we ask as we pine over your teak and try not to medal with your aluminum is that you don’t tell mom that her meatloaf isn’t our favorite anymore.