The top 10 Chicago Parks (including the small hidden gems you never knew existed)

This might seem like an exaggeration, but according to the Chicago Park District’s website, there are more than 580 parks within the city limits of Chicago!  And I think anyone who has lived in, or even visited Chicago knows that the parks are one of the best parts of this incredible city.  So we thought it would be fun to highlight ten of our favorite parks throughout the city.  Some are quite well known and expansive, while others are tucked away on the corner of a residential street, waiting to be explored!

Enjoy our selections below, and if the photos intrigue you, we encourage you to get out and experience these parks for yourself!

1) Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park’s South Pond

2) Millennium Park’s Lurie Garden

3) Humboldt Park

4) Jackson Park

5) Oz Park

6) Palmisano Park

7) Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

8) Bloomingdale Trail (606)

9) Jonquil Park

10) Wrightwood Park