SYNLawn artificial foliage is an excellent choice for adding greenery to outdoor spaces that receive almost no sunshine and wind. Synthetic turf is available in a wide selection of options, such as vertical walls to add privacy for shared porches and balconies. Or to create wall gardens and add an element of interest to your decor.

Installing Artificial Turf on Your Deck


You could also install artificial turf as a safe, allergen-free area where kids and pets can play. Made with recycled plastic and rubber, the blades are woven into a sturdy backing with a layer of soft rubber granules and sand. The added tensile strength protects from the impact of falls and is ideal for residents wishing to work out and play golf. Possibly the best advantage of getting synthetic grass from SYNLawn is that it is easy to maintain and won’t fade or degrade because of exposure to the sun’s UV rays or cold and wet weather. Once laid down, you can expect it to last for a long time, thanks to its durability.

Blend Synthetic Turf Effortlessly into the Deck Decor


The versatility of synthetic turf allows you to set it up in any location. You can also create green spaces around the swimming pool, hot tub, or just the seating area. Combine it with pavers, wooden flooring, or bricks to enhance your decor with a blend of flat and grassy spaces. Stop worrying about watering, mowing, pruning, and adding fertilizers. Or that the possibility of allergic reactions to natural grass. Nor will you have to worry about exposing the kids and pets to chemicals in the pesticides sprayed on the grass.

For more information about the many positives of SYNLawn synthetic turf and foliage, get in touch with us at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, and we can provide all the details you need.