Stone highlighting in your deck decor adds an element of timelessness and elegance to the ambiance. Stone fabrications are typically recommended by architects primarily because of features like weather and abrasion resistance and low-effort maintenance. Just wiping down the surfaces is enough to have them sparkling clean in no time.

Stone Fabrications for Different Elements of Your Deck


Depending on your deck’s load-bearing capacity, you can go for stone to enhance the floors and house facades behind the deck. Are you setting up an outdoor kitchen? You would want to go with stone or granite countertops. And, if you’re considering a fireplace for your outdoor spaces, getting stone fireplace surrounds adds to safety and beauty. You could also add mantels and design them for making pizzas.

Even if you’re getting a standalone fire pit with a seating arrangement all around, you could use stone with a metal grill for burning wood with glass for protection. Think stone pathways leading up to the deck and tiling for the steps to the patio. Or a stone to surround the hot tub or swimming pool. Our designers can help you with a collection of ideas to suit your preferences.

Use the Versatility of Stone to Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces


Natural stone is a highly versatile material available in an impressive selection of colors and textures that lend themselves beautifully to any kind of decor. For instance, you could get limestone, flagstone, and slate bluestone. Most homeowners prefer to follow the specific themes they have indoors so that the spaces flow seamlessly, adding to the impression of being at home. Alternatively, you could go with bricks and pavers also available in different colors, patterns, and shapes.

Rely on the folks at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden to help you connect with an expert stone fabrications team and choose the appropriate options suitable for your decor.