If you absolutely love the look and feel of traditional stone for your deck and patio, load-bearing issues need not restrict your preferences. Instead of installing entire stone flooring or walls, you can go with stone cladding, also called stone veneers. You’ll cover the surfaces with a thin layer of stone to add the appeal and classic style of stone without the downsides. Installation is quickly done since the stone cladding can be cut and designed to specifications like size and shape at offsite units. Here are some of the best options you can go with.

Porcelain Tiles


While stone cladding looks and feels just like actual stone, you could go with porcelain tiles that mimic stone closely. Porcelain is highly versatile, and you can order tiles that match the color and theme of the exteriors of your home. For this reason, reflecting the theme in the deck decor becomes extremely easy. Like stone, porcelain is resistant to moisture and cold weather and is durable enough to last you for years. An added advantage is that it can be customized to take on any shape and color.

Concrete Tiles


Reinforced concrete tiles are yet another alternative to stone cladding. Concrete tiles are incredibly resilient and can support over a half-ton of weight on a one-inch tiled surface. Like stone, concrete requires minimal maintenance and will not degrade in cold and wet weather. If you choose tiles treated with concrete sealant, you can expect a guarantee of up to 10 years. Of course, concrete tiles are also available in a selection of colors, shapes, and textures that closely match the appeal of natural stone.

Ipe Deck Tile


Homeowners looking for the durability of natural stone but also preferring wood would want to go with Ipe or Brazilian walnut or lapacho, as it is also called. Ipe wood is sourced from the forests of Central and South America and has features like density and exceptional durability. You can expect the decking to last you for around 50 years or more without the need for complicated maintenance. A quick oiling once in about 12 months should have your deck functional and looking awesome for a long while.

When you’re building a deck, some of the first objectives would be durability, weather resistance, and great appearance. Cladding fits all these requirements and is one of the most preferred options for your deck. Talk to the architects at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, and we can talk some more about how to use this designing element.