Choosing the right color scheme for your deck is challenging. You would want to coordinate the decor of the house and deck so that the look flows harmoniously. This rule applies regardless of whether the deck threshold is attached to a doorway of the house or you intend to build a standalone deck in the backyard. The new outdoor space will blend beautifully to seem like it’s always been a part of the original structure.

Matching the Color Scheme of the House and Deck


The architectural style and house siding dictate your choices for the deck. For instance, if the house has neutral colors such as beige and taupe, you’ll build a contrasting deck in bold, vibrant browns. The railing in brushed-titanium completes the look. However, a more contemporary home with lots of glass windows and doors needs a deck highlighted with a simple brown and grey scheme. Black cable or chrome railings are the perfect finishing touches.

Let’s Try Classic Whites and Grays


What if the house has an elegant white siding? That’s fantastic because you can combine it with any color that enhances its appeal. Think of a dark coffee-colored brown or redwood for the deck. But, if the house is gray, you could match it with white wooden railings, and use a darker shade for the deck.

Once you have the color scheme sorted, you can move on to selecting the other elements you need. Integrate an outdoor kitchen, living area, or dining area shaded with a pergola to add to the overall appeal and functionality. Don’t forget foliage, vertical green walls for privacy, and perhaps, a trellis for a verdant touch that enhances any tones and woods you pick for the deck.