Although your patio or deck is a lovely place to enjoy the warmth, fresh air, and sunshine, it’s nice to have partial shade to prevent excessive heat. You can choose from a selection of shades, each with a unique look and appeal. Here are some of the best options suitable for Chicago’s weather.

Retractable Fabric Canopies


Fabric canopies stretched over the existing framework is great for high-rise apartments in Chicago. Like, for instance, a 10×8 fabric with no spaces fitted securely to withstand high winds along with wings to prevent flapping. For garden shade, you could go with triangular fabric sails attached to poles.

Retractable Awnings


If you would prefer the flexibility of drawing and retracting the shade according to weather conditions, consider getting retractable screen awnings that are motorized.

Conventional Pergolas


Pergolas are the most common types of partial shades that residents prefer. Pergolas are installed in the form of narrow wooden lattices on a framework. The beams are aligned in a north-south direction to catch the sun’s rays and provide just the appropriate amount of shade without blocking the sun. The best positive of pergolas is that you can get them to cover the entire patio or only a small section where you intend to spend the maximum time.

Vine-Covered Lattices


Add some greenery to your outdoor spaces by allowing vines to grow and trail over the lattices. Enjoy the appeal of plants allowing only a scattering of sunshine peeking through the leaves.



Add an element of romance and adventure by hanging curtains from the framework around your outdoor lounge. Enjoy a candle-lit wine and cheese date or dinner with a loved one with the curtains billowing gently in the cool lake breezes.