When you wish to relax with family and friends on your deck or porch, one of your priorities would be adequate privacy. Screening solutions are also essential for shared balconies outside high-rise apartment units. When you choose the right screens, you would look for options that don’t restrict sunshine and ventilation or your enjoyment of the fresh air and open-air ambiance. Here are some of the options you could consider.

Use Greenery to Create Walls


Greenery, whether natural or synthetic, is one of the best ways to create a pleasant ambiance. Create a trellis by trailing vines on a framework, or set up artificial vertical hedges to surround your private spaces.

Use Mesh or Fabric Curtains


The beauty of delicate fabric billowing in the breeze is unmatched to add to the romantic ambiance of your patio. Alternatively, you can try triangular sail shades or mesh panels that allow sunlight and breezes while restricting the view.

Use Louvered Panels


Louvered panels and folding screens are ideal for setting up when needed and removed for storing away during cold weather. Louvered screens are typically made out of wood and customized to match your deck’s decor.

Use Wicker Panels


Woven wicker panels stretched across movable panels are another option to add a casual, relaxed ambiance to your outdoor spaces. The beauty of wicker is that it can be painted to suit the theme of your decor.

Use Wooden Panels


Build a screen with wooden panels arranged in different patterns. Having gaps around the panels allows sunshine to peek and light breezes to flow around. You can set up panels in a horizontal, vertical, or chevron pattern, specifically in areas adjoining the neighboring yard or balcony.

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