Building and decorating your outdoor deck needs the services of expert carpenters who work with wood for measuring, cutting, trimming, sawing, and nailing the walls, floor, and roof in place. You’ll need both rough and finish carpenters to work on the deck, each performing distinct tasks to give shape and structure to your outdoor spaces.

Rough Carpenters Are Also Called Framers


Rough carpenters are called in during the early stages of deck building. These professionals are also called framers and are knowledgeable about building codes, construction, and designing. They use their expertise in fundamental engineering principles to ensure that the structure is durable and has adequate load-bearing capacity. The architects at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden work with the carpenters closely because they translate our blueprints into the basic frame.

Finish Carpenters Work on the Interiors of the Deck


Once the construction, wiring, plumbing, and other utilities of the deck have been installed, we call in finish carpenters to complete the project. These crews have the artistic skills needed to perfect the overall look and appeal of the structure. They have a keen eye for detail to identify and repair any imperfections in the doors and windows frames, trim, casings, wainscoting, and joints. Even if you choose to order customized furniture and cabinets, the carpenters ensure that the final installation is conducted correctly. They’ll also fit the hardware and ensure that drawers are in perfect working condition.

Making Allowances for Minor Changes in the Structure


A critical factor about working with wood is that carpenters must allow for tiny changes in the fitting as the wood dries or swells a little because of moisture in the air. Or if the wood shifts slightly because of the settling foundation. Not accounting for these changes can result in misalignment over time.

Our architects at CRD+G coordinate with the carpenters to ensure that the final deck is compliant with building codes, is functional, and looks fantastic.