Since more families choose to spend more time outdoors in all seasons, ensuring that the spaces remain shady and cool during summer is crucial. A roof for the deck may also be necessary for trapping in some of the warmth from the fireplace or propane heater. We’ll create cozy spaces on your deck or porch, complete with a pergola that allows the sunshine to dance on the deck in dappled spots.

Roofing for Decks in Available in an Exciting Range of Options


Depending on your choices and preferences, we can design an arbor, pergola, or gazebo built atop wooden posts or columns. Alternatively, you can choose a retractable roof or an extension of the back wall of the house. Having vines growing over the lattices gives the impression of an enclosed space while adding an element of privacy. If you would like to infuse a beachside ambiance, we can design a porch roof with materials resembling thatch. Partial wooden roofs and sail roofs are only some of the other options you can go for.

Let’s Talk About Developing Your Home or Garage Rooftop


The area above your garage or your house is excellent for converting into a lovely deck for spending time outdoors or entertaining friends and family. Though, you’ll have to consider factors such as the weight-bearing capacity of the structure below and provision for utilities. You will need power for lighting and possibly some pipework and water if you want to build an outdoor kitchen.

Rely on the exceptional expertise of the architects at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden to recommend the best ways to integrate your requirements. We’ll have a delightful outdoor space ready for you in no time.