Refinishing the deck is the process of cleaning it and adding a new coat of paint or staining. This project revives an old and tired-looking space to give it a fresh, clean look. If you’ve opted to renovate the porch to turn into an outdoor living area, refinishing and staining the wood is an essential part of the process.

Getting the Deck Repainted


When building your deck, you have the option of getting it painted to match the color and theme of the siding of your home. Many homeowners prefer paint because it creates a protective film over the wood and prevents damage from moisture, rain, snow, and extreme weather conditions. You’ll lower the need for frequent maintenance projects since paint also offers protection from UV rays. Painting the deck after prepping with sealant is also an option.

Choose Sealant for the Weathered Look


If you prefer the natural, weathered look with shows off the grains, you would want to go with sealants or stains. Sealants penetrate the wood and give you a smooth finish. Yet another benefit of getting sealant is that it is not likely to degrade over time because of the chemicals in the wood. You can also buy sealants in a variety of shades to match the decor you’ve chosen for the deck. Or, go with semi-transparent staining, which is typically best suited for pressure-treated lumber. Our architects recommend sealants that don’t contain varnish or polyurethane that is sensitive to sunlight.

Reviving Your Deck Needs Some Expertise


Refinishing and staining your deck is an exciting project, and homeowners enjoy the DIY project. Before starting, you would want to learn about how it is done. For instance, you should remove the old paint and clean the surface before coloring it. Further, you must ensure that the sealant dries slowly in the shade and has time to seep into the wood grains entirely.

Getting the experts to manage the project for you is also a smart move. How would you like us to get you started?