Although wood has traditionally been the chosen material for building decks, more residents go for anodized aluminum instead. Aside from durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions, aluminum is far more eco-friendly. You can also recycle the material by melting and refabricating at the end of its life cycle. Powder-coating extends the life of the product by giving it an added layer of protection. The material is electrostatically treated with a free-flowing, dry powder that adheres to the surface more efficiently. Baking at high temperatures ensures that the paint stays in place longer.

Homeowners Committed to the Environment Love the Positives


Contemporary ornamental metalwork has the elegance of classic wrought iron. Your railing will be made with pre-welded steel railing panels complete with the twists and baskets you like. You can expect that these railings are unlikely to rust thanks to a moisture-resistant powder coating. And, that’s what makes them ideal for Chicago’s weather conditions. Aside from decking, fencing, and porch railing, you can also get open tread steps, entryways to private spaces, fencing for driveways, and enclosures for pets to play safely.

Let’s Talk Aesthetics


To answer your next question, yes, powder-coated aluminum looks fantastic. You can get any color complete with browns and finishes that mimic wood. And, since the material is versatile, it can be molded into any shape to match the themes, designs, and overall appeal you’re looking for. You won’t have to worry about cracking, discoloration, mildew, and mold. Just a fresh coat of paint and a hosing down will have it looking as good as new.

Low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and stylish. You get all these benefits and more.