Many homeowners like to install an outdoor kitchen on their deck or patio. An outdoor kitchen would have a gas barbecue unit with lots of counter space for prepping food. If you intend to entertain a lot, having a sink would also help avoid trips to and from the indoor kitchen.

Efficient Plumbing is Needed to Keep the Kitchen Sink Functional


For that to happen, you would need an efficient plumbing system complete with hot and cold water for washing up. The water supply would have to be connected to the outdoor sink from inside the house with a shut-off valve. This system would work to allow you to turn off the water supply in winters when you’re not using the kitchen.

Drainage from the Kitchen


The drain-off from the sink is typically directed to a dry well. Your plumbing system should be designed so that you can empty the well in autumn before the freezing winter sets in. It would have another shut-off valve that also prevents odors from the well backing up from the sink. When organizing the drainage, you’ll stay compliant with the building codes of the city. Typically pipes are made out of materials like PVC, CPVC, and PEX, which are more flexible and easy to run. If you wish to go with copper pipes, you’ll choose Type L or K that is more resilient than Type M.

Digging the Dry Well


If you’re building a deck in the garden or backyard, the dry well is installed around ten feet from the kitchen at a slope to allow the free flow of water. The slope should be at a quarter of an inch per foot. Local building codes will dictate exactly how the plumbing is organized.

Trust in expert architects who can build the outdoor kitchen and required plumbing to suit your needs.