When you’re converting your patio or porch into an outdoor space for spending time, you could consider having a pergola. Having this structure is ideal for a partial shade that allows the sunshine to filter through beams or lattices supported by columns. While you can’t expect shelter from the rain and snow, pergolas lend an inviting, enjoyable ambiance to the entire area. If you would like an all-weather space, installing a retractable roof is also an option. Pergolas provide relief from direct sunshine but allow cool breezes to circulate freely, keeping the area airy.

Pergolas Can be Made with Different Materials


The exciting thing about pergolas is that they can be customized according to your patio’s specifications and the particular area you wish to cover. Further, you can get pergolas with different materials. For instance, wood lends character and timeless appeal to the entire outdoor space. But, if you would prefer a zero-maintenance, long-lasting structure, you could go with white or ivory vinyl available in a selection of styles. Vinyl is also better resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Other alternatives are aluminum and steel – both durable and elegant with any type of finish you prefer.

Installing Pergolas Does Need Some Expertise


Setting up a pergola needs some expertise and technique. For instance, a minimum of three and four or more posts are required to support the structure and add to its integrity. Each post is embedded up to a fourth of the height of the pergola. Next, we take care to orient the lattices in a north-south direction to ensure that you catch the maximum of rays. Add style and a warm, welcoming appeal to your outdoor spaces with a pergola. And yes. You’ll add to the value of your home. Expect a 50% to 80% return on investment (ROI) on the costs you incur.

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