Whether you wish to enhance the look of a new deck with restaining and painting, or if you would like to revive an old deck, adding a wood stain and paint can refinish it so that it has better weather resistance to hold off damage from rain and snow. Given a choice between using a stainer or a paint, you might want to go with the stainer containing preservatives, so you can avoid using the primer.

Restaining the Deck’s Wood Covers the imperfections


When choosing the right wood stain, you would get one with an opacity that ranges from transparent to semi-solid. The paint fills into the grains and cracks of the wood and allows them to show through to add character to the overall look. Paint contains a high percentage of pigments and resins that hides the cracks in old decking but covers the surface with a layer. The result is added sophistication and timeless class that is unmatched. The right paints can also add an element of rusticity that shows off and not disguises imperfections and wear.

Prepping the Deck Makes a Difference in the Final Finish


To ensure that the paint job is perfect, it is critical to clean the deck properly. And that includes cleaning and washing down the surfaces to remove all the debris. This step is essential regardless of whether your deck is newly built or getting renovated. After sanding the boards for a smooth look, we’ll add a fresh coat of stain or paint. Did you know that staining the underside of the deck is also important? Adding a protective layer ensures that the wood remains resistant to moisture from the ground and expansion during cold weather.

Several other intricacies can influence the overall appeal and durability of your outdoor spaces. For this reason, it is advisable to call in the experts to take care of the task for you. Give us a call, and we’d love to come by for a quick look around.