Your outdoor deck and kitchen would be incomplete without the right storage solutions. You’ll need cabinets for storing wine, whisky, shot, and champagne glasses, along with flatware, silverware, and any other utensils you’d need for alfresco dining. If you hope to entertain a lot, you absolutely need the supplies to eliminate the need for bringing things to the outdoor kitchen when required. Though, your storage solutions would have to be weather-proof to keep your supplies protected from cold and wet weather. Here are some of the essentials you’ll start with:



You’ll need a standalone bar or integrate a drinks counter into the outdoor kitchen if you intend to organize one. Get a bar with a foldable door that can serve as a counter for mixing drinks and cocktails. The drinks cabinet should be spacious enough to hold bottles and glasses upturned. If you intend to get a cooler, consider investing in a cabinet that holds the appliance at the bottom with a table above for placing bottles and glasses.

Outdoor Kitchen Storage


If you’re setting up a complete outdoor kitchen, our architects will make sure to include ample storage with expansive cabinets and drawers to store everything you’ll need for a cozy alfresco meal. Other options include a deck box where you keep essentials. These boxes can also double as added seating space when you have multiple guests visiting.

Storage Under the Deck


Residents with decks at least three feet above ground level can consider adding a storage area under a section of the deck. Of course, you’d have to make sure that storage is made with PVC or moisture-resistant wood to keep your things safe from the rain and melting snow. Factoring in the slope to ensure that water drains away from the cabinets is also essential.

Not sure how to use the available space in the best way to maximize storage? Rely on the experts for help. At Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, we have lots of ideas you can choose from. Call us, and let’s get started.