With more families spending time outdoors, developing a kitchen is easily the next step. Whether you intend to have a fun afternoon grilling burgers with the family or entertaining friends, you would need a kitchen.

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchens are Comparable in Style and Functionality


The modern-day alfresco cooking station is more than just a barbecuing place; it combines much more than that. For instance, you would add a sink to save on the time and effort of bringing dishes to the deck and cleaning up afterward. A wine and beverage cooler is also needed to keep drinks cool, as is a fridge for storing food and making ice. Water, sodas, and juice boxes for the kids and veggies for salads are all close at hand, saving multiple trips to the indoor kitchen.

Extending Your Living Spaces to the Outdoors


Depending on your outdoor kitchen’s floor area, you could add elements like a stainless sink complete with a water supply and drainage. Our architects may advise you to choose from electric cooktops or stoves with a gas or propane tank. Cabinets for storing flatware and cutlery and a bar counter with space for wine glasses would be great. The exciting thing about our innovative kitchen designs is that they are designed for use in every season.

All-Weather Kitchens


Spending time outdoors does not have to be restricted to summers. We’ll incorporate a fireplace to keep the spaces cozy. Alternatively, you could go for a fire pit with glass panels for protection or a chiminea that doubles as a pizza oven. The tall chimney will carry smoke upward and away. We’ll complete the relaxing ambiance with an entertainment unit to watch TV or listen to music as you dine.

Does that sound interesting? We can put together a bunch of other ideas for you. Call us, and we’ll drop by for a quick look around.