A distributed entertainment system for your deck can be easily installed thanks to the many technological solutions available today. You can install audio and visual devices to watch your favorite television shows and movies, and listen to music as you work, exercise, dine, or relax with the family over drinks and quiet conversations. You could also invite friends over to watch the game on the weekends and have a lovely get-together with beer, snacks, and pizza.

Instead of navigating knobs and remotes, you’ll get smart devices controlled with apps integrated with your phone or tablet.

Let’s Talk About Weatherproofing


When you’re investing in expensive audio-visual equipment, know that most gadgets and electronics are designed for use within the temperature-controlled environment of your home, indoors. But, if you wish to install them in outdoor spaces, they need adequate protection. Our architects and designers would advise that you go with waterproofing encasing made out of fiberglass with the edges secured using moisture-resistant caulking. Canvas and plastic covers can also work if they keep your equipment protected from rodent and insect attacks.

Installing Audio-Visual Equipment Needs Other Intricacies Best Left to the Experts


Installing the equipment so you can enjoy entertainment options involves several intricate facets. To begin with, you’ll need to install wires while ensuring that they’ll remain safe from corrosion and extreme temperatures. Compliance with building safety codes is also essential for protection against fire hazards. Typically, contractors use Type UF wire with GFC outlets for the power lines and TW wire for communications. Or, they might go with a burial wire covered in a PVC jacket that protects from sunshine, moisture, and fungus.

Does it seem complicated? It’s not, but you do need to think about securing your expensive entertainment systems during winters. Trust in the designers at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden to advise you best on how to maintain them.