When you’re planning to build an outdoor kitchen, you’ll need a bunch of appliances. These gadgets are essential for cooking meals, and having them at hand helps avoid making multiple trips from the indoor kitchen to bring food and beverages. Your outdoor kitchen should be equipped with a granite, all-weather countertop that serves as a prepping station for salads and assembling burgers. You may also need the counter for making cocktails and summer coolers for sipping with the finger snacks, canapes, and sandwiches you make. Here’s a quick overview of the appliances you’ll need.

Choose Appliances According to the Weight-Bearing Capability of the Deck


If your deck is on the ground level, you won’t have to worry about the area or the weight of the kitchen appliances and furniture. However, if you have a raised deck or a balcony outside your apartment, you must comply with building codes to maintain safety. Check with a certified architect for advice about the right appliances you can install. You’ll likely need:

  • Barbecue grill for cooking burgers and other summer staples

  • Fridges for storing food, vegetables, fruits, and herbs

  • Ice makers for quick ice for your cocktails and other beverages

  • Sinks so you can clean up without having to bring used dishes indoors.

  • Kegerators for chilling beers, juice boxes for the kids, and any other beverages

  • Pizza ovens with insulated chambers

Best Brands Suitable for Chicago


If you’re not sure about the best brands suitable for Chicago’s outdoor kitchens, here are a few options to get you started in the right direction.

  • Blaze 40″ Stainless Steel 5 Burner Built-In Gas Grill with Rear Burner BLZ-5

  • Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grills that are powered with gas, but let you burn wood and charcoal also

  • SPFF51OS 24″ Stainless Steel Frost Free Outdoor Freezer

  • Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Hybrid 42″ Copper Dual Fuel Residential Countertop Pizza Oven

  • Lynx Grills available in a selection of models

Trust in the expert architects at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden to help you with recommendations of the right appliances that suit the dimensions of your outdoor kitchen and the functionality you have in mind.