Ornamental metalwork is a great option for crafting attractive designs to adorn your deck or patio. If you have a home with a traditional facade, you would want to opt for wrought iron railings with a distinctive texture. The ironwork combines beautiful patterns like twists, scrollwork, baskets, and knuckles on the balustrade. Interestingly, you can now get the same look but with more durable material – steel. For instance, you could get two-piece knuckles wrapped around balustrades to lend a graceful and stylish appeal to your patio. Are you looking for ornamental metalwork like rings, loops, hoops, and spears? Or even animal and nature motifs? Steel has the versatility to bring you any design you like.

Steel Ornamental Metal Work is Highly Versatile


Contemporary ornamental metalwork has the elegance of classic wrought iron. Your railing will be made with pre-welded steel railing panels complete with the twists and baskets you like. You can expect that these railings are unlikely to rust thanks to a moisture-resistant powder coating. And, that’s what makes them ideal for Chicago’s weather conditions. Aside from decking, fencing, and porch railing, you can also get open tread steps, entryways to private spaces, fencing for driveways, and enclosures for pets to play safely.

You’ll Install Eco-Friendly Railings that Lend Functionality and Aesthetics


Ornamental metalwork is highly durable and weather resistant and can be recycled at the end of its usability. Steel can be simply melted down and reused. Further, high-pressure water jets are used to cut heavy gauge steel or aluminum into the desired sizes and also for adding the art designs you’ve chosen.

When you bring a steaming hot cup of coffee and a book and head to the patio for a quiet afternoon of reading, the last you’d want to look at is cracking, discolored wooden balustrades and rusting railings that need to be painted or replaced. Instead, expect customized metalwork that maintains its appeal through the harshest weather.