Once clients have approved the blueprints our architects present, we move on to selecting the materials and other elements needed to make those designs materialize. Most outdoor spaces are designed to coordinate with your interior decor themes for a seamless flow between the interiors and exteriors. You will be fascinated by the stunning selection of building materials, colors, textures, and finishes now available. We’ll help you choose the appropriate materials to suit your personal preferences and requirements from the finished products.

Materials for Deck Building


In place of conventional wooden decks, you could go for cedar decking that is not only available in attractive colors ranging from tans, light browns, and pinks, but is also heat resistant. You won’t have to worry about kids and pets running barefoot on the surface. Alternatively, you could go with southern yellow pine, which is typically pressure treated and resistant to decay and termites. Options like composite decking that mimics natural wood grains and low-maintenance vinyl decking are also available.

Materials for Patio Building


If you’re simply looking for a quick facelift for your patio, you could go with poured concrete or assembled from precast modular slabs. Concrete is highly versatile and can take on any color or texture to resemble stone or brick. Interestingly, you could install a thin layer of concrete over the existing patio for a brand-new look and appeal without extensive demolishing.

Bricks, Pavers, and Stone Patios


Bricks, pavers, gravel, or stone are other options you can consider. Bricks and pavers are exceedingly easy to install and maintain. Gravel, on the other hand, lends itself to spaces of any dimensions and shapes. Gravel is available in a range of colors, and when it comes to maintenance, it only needs raking into place. The climate of Chicago should be the prime consideration when choosing stone for your patio. Options like bluestone and granite are ideal since they can tolerate chilly conditions without the possibility of flaking or developing a carpet of moss.

Unsure about what would be ideal for your family? Leave it to the professionals to work out a blend of materials for the different segments of your deck, complete with synthetic, long-lasting vertical hedges and artificial turf to add some foliage and natural beauty to your outdoor spaces.