Low voltage LED lighting is an excellent option for illuminating decks. The low power is safe for use around plants, and the soft ambiance created by diffused lighting is truly appealing. At Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, we recommend that you install low-level and floor-level lighting so you can watch your step. The appropriate deck lighting techniques are not just functional, but they also add to the aesthetics and decor of your outdoor spaces.

Selecting the Ideal Wattage for Your Deck


The ideal wattage for outdoor spaces is a maximum of 80 Watts, but when you wish to illuminate pathways and garden beds, you’ll need 40 Watts or lower. Driveways, pathways, and smaller yards can be brightened with wattage between 40 and 80. As an environment-conscious citizen, you’ll comply with Dark Sky norms and choose not more than 80 Watts for decks and porches. Using a mix of bulbs with different Lumens and scattering them across the area is recommended by most architects and designers.

Highlighting Textures and Decorative Plants


The right lighting also works to highlight the main focus of your outdoor area. For instance, when you wish to show off decorative wall tiles and textures, or some exotic plants you have, you’ll place light bulbs around 10 feet apart. But, when you wish to illuminate a tree, you would place lights along the trunks to show off the wood. Drawing attention to intricate railing designs is another technique that can add beauty to the deck decor.

Lighting options are all about energy efficiency, style, decor, and minimizing eye strain. Depending on your requirements, you can also choose lighting with motion sensors and dimmers for customization according to the mood you’re trying to set.

Looking for more ideas like these? Get in touch with us and let’s discuss some of the best options for your deck.