Having greenery around your deck is perfect for adding to the soothing ambiance. Plants, shrubs, trees, and bushes create a restorative environment adding tranquility and mental calm. Sitting with a good book with birds chirping and butterflies flitting around makes you feel refreshed. You’re more productive with work, and kids study better outdoors.

With so many positives, you would absolutely want to add green around your deck or patio. Choose from a selection of perennial plants or varieties that thrive well in Chicago’s climate. Our designers and architects can help you plant a beautiful garden that needs a minimum of maintenance.

Landscaping Starts with Clearing Away the Area


Before reorganizing the garden and flower beds, you’ll remove the unwanted plants and turf. Create a border to segregate the spaces according to the specific shrubs and bushes you’ve picked. Next, you’ll set up the edging and borders by adding the appropriate type of soil complete with adequate rainwater drainage. Adding mulch is great for preventing the growth of weeds.

Arrange the larger plants further away from the deck, while smaller plants should be kept closer for a better view. You would also want to add adequate space around each bush, so it has room to grow. Creating a blend of colors and textures is essential to add interest to the entire landscaping project. Once you’re done, you’ll want to water the area thoroughly, so the plants settle in and take root.

Landscaping with Plants Takes Expertise


Setting up your gardens takes time, and in-depth knowledge of how plants respond to the available sunshine and wind your outdoor spaces will get. In case your deck gets only limited sunlight, our designers might suggest that you go with synthetic turf in certain areas for year-round greenery without the need for maintenance. Do you need more information on choosing the right kind of landscaping for your lawn? Give us a call, and we’ll help with professional landscaping services.