One of the most important aspects of deck building is ensuring that your outdoor spaces have some kind of temperature control. Chicago has bitterly cold winters with snow, wind, and rain – all of which can make it impossible to spend time on the deck. And, since summers can be warm, you might want cooling to keep it comfortable. At Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, we recommend getting a mini-split heat pump with backup heat strips. Getting electric heat back up for the heat pump is expensive, both in terms of installation costs and utility bills. However, this unit would be more economical than investing in a full-sized HVAC system.

Positives of Getting the Mini-Split Unit


An added advantage of the mini-split unit is that it doesn’t need ductwork and relays warm air directly from the system. You won’t have to worry about maintaining or replacing the vents and ducts down the line. Selecting a mini-split with inverter duty is advisable because the compressor inside the condenser will adjust according to the unit’s load.

Additional Heating Units


If you need added heat on exceptionally cold days, you could get a chiminea that adds a warm, cozy feel. Some varieties of the chimineas can also serve as pizza ovens or a lovely spot for making smores. Setting up a firepit is also another idea you could try. Yet another practical option is a Portable Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) installed on one wall to keep the spaces warm or cold as needed.

If you’re concerned about the aesthetics of your HVAC, we can enclose the unit within decorative wood or concrete fence or install vertical shrubbery or gardens to keep it out of sight. The enclosures will also act as sound barriers to lower any possible noise disturbance – to you and the neighbors.