The City of Chicago issues authorizations for all construction and building projects. The objective here is to ensure that the task follows all safety protocols and complies with construction and zoning codes. As licensed architects, we create permit applications and attach the various project blueprints and plans. We also submit additional paperwork that city plan examiners can review, including information about the project’s scope. Typically, city officials provide approval within 70 days. We check online for the status of approval, pay the necessary fees of $300, and acquire the permit certificates according to regulations.

The City of Chicago Has an ePortal for Issuing Permits


The Dynamic Portal provides licensed architects access to an updated platform to submit applications and download the approved plans. A professional staff of experts from the Department of Buildings reviews aspects such as plumbing, architectural, structural, electrical, and ventilation. In case there are any issues, the inspectors inform the designers so they can make the required changes.

Once the final reviews are completed, city officials verify that the documents carry the necessary signatures, and all other approvals from the city departments and zonal offices have been obtained. Once all the dues are cleared, we can download the building permit certificate. This document, complete with the 9-digit permit application number, must be posted on the site before construction can begin.

We’ve Got the Documentation Covered


Does this seem like a complicated task? Rest assured because we’ll make sure to prepare the required paperwork so your site complies with all mandatory laws and regulations. Don’t worry about compliance. You just need to get creative with the designs you like and your vision for your deck. We’ll create that vision.