When choosing the right flooring for your new deck, you must stay compliant with your city’s building codes. We’ll ensure that the deck has adequate foundation piers robust enough to bear the porch load. The soil, climatic condition, and geology are also factored into the design. An essential element of your deck’s decor is the flooring. Like, for instance, pressure-treated pine that is economical and resistant to the effects of moisture and termites. While wood is often the go-to decking material for most homeowners, you can explore other options also.

Consider Durable Materials Instead of Wood


If you prefer water-resistant, long-lasting materials for your deck, you could go with masonry with tiles, bricks, and stones. The only downside is that these options are typically much heavier than wood and need a more robust foundation designed specifically to bear the additional loads. Poured-in-place or stamped concrete is also a versatile option that can be used to cover spaces of any dimension. Layering the dried surface with high-grade paint can give you the option of adding designs and patterns to the deck flooring.

Materials with the Look of Wood And Resilience of Cement


When you’re looking for the best options for your deck flooring, a third option would be composite wood made with a combination of resin and timber, or vinyl and high-density polyurethane. These materials could be somewhat more expensive as compared to other options. But they’ll have a lighter load and are weather resistant. You won’t have to spend time conducting extensive restaining or renovating since the wood needs the minimum of upkeep.

Our architects at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden can put together a delightful combination of materials to segregate the sections of your deck. You could also consider putting down synthetic turf to create green spaces that are pleasing to the eye and ideal for kids and pets to play.