Fire pits and fireplaces with their gentle glow and warmth add an instant charm to any outdoor place. Friends and family members will love to hang out around the fireplace on a chilly winter evening to chat, sip on warm chocolate, and share pleasant moments.

Organizing Your Fireplace Requires Several Considerations


Like your architect will explain, you’d choose the right kind of fireplace according to the theme of the deck’s decor, the space you have, and other issues like safety and the foliage you have around the area. If you have low-hanging branches, bushes, shrubs, and plants, you might have to trim them back to clear away enough space. The fire pit would also depend on the seating space you would like to set up and if you hope to entertain guests. Homeowners wanting to barbecue or cook pizza will need the appropriate fireplace for making delicious meals.

You’ll Choose from Different Fire Pits and Fireplaces


Fire pits and fireplaces can be the traditional wood-burning variety, but you can also choose to get gas, electric, or propane burners. Of course, gas fireplaces must be connected to the gas supply in your home. And, propane fires will need a tank that must be refilled from time to time.

Depending on budget constraints, you can have a customized stone fireplace installed. Or, you could go with the prefabricated or modular styles. If you intend to pack away the fire pit in summers, go with the portable fire pits made with metal or designed like chimeneas that add to the decor.

Fire pits and fireplaces are not just essential for making your outdoor spaces usable in winters, but they’re also perfect for adding a cozy feel to any living area. Our architects can advise you best on how to incorporate this fantastic design element in your deck decor.