When you’re converting your deck or porch into an outdoor living area, your focus would be on creating a great space that can be used all around the year. Adding exterior heating solutions is critical so friends and family members can spend time relaxing despite cold weather. Depending on the area you have available, you could set up a traditional fireplace. A roaring fire in an authentic stone backdrop adds a cozy appeal to the ambiance.

Exterior Heating Solutions for Smaller Areas


If you’re building a smaller deck with just a lounging area, you have options like a fire pit placed in the center with a seating arrangement all around. Our architects can design a lovely fire pit out of the building materials chosen for the deck. Not only will that help you cut back on the costs, but you can also use up some of the leftover materials like stone, brick, pavers, concrete, and retaining wall blocks. Surround with mesh and heat-resistant glass for safety, et Voila! Your winter-time outdoor lounge is ready.

Yes! There Are a Bunch of Other Options


Ready to explore other options? We would suggest a pedestal heater or heat lamp powered by gas or electricity, complete with a hood that spreads the heat downward. Tabletop fire pits that burn wood or gas, chimineas, or a standalone stone fireplace are other ideas you can choose. You can also go with portable heaters that can be stored away during summers. Here’s another option. Installing radiant heat below the floorboards of the deck. This exterior heating solution is perfect for letting the kids and pets play on the deck without worrying about ice and snow buildup.

Getting heating solutions for your new deck or porch can convert them into delightful spaces for spending time in any weather. Let’s talk about what works best for your home and family.