Evenings are a delightful time to spend time on your deck to enjoy the gathering dusk. Bring in the sunset with gentle lighting adding a lovely glow. You would want to install low-voltage lighting to illuminate dinners with friends and family. Or for just a quiet, romantic evening with wine and cheese. When planning your deck design, you must also make arrangements for outlets to plug in the transformers and connect the lights. Set up the fixtures so that they light up specific sections. For instance, you would need brighter lights for the outdoor kitchen for preparing the food. But, the lounge could have a softer glow.

You’ll Need Light Fixtures to Adorn the Deck


Our architects and designers can help direct you on the light fixtures needed to transform your deck into the perfect place for relaxation and entertaining. Here are some of the options to choose from.

  • If you have pathways and stairways leading up to the deck, you would want to install stair lighting to navigate them safely at night.

  • Get post cap lighting that directs the glow downward.

  • Rope lights are yet another option that can be easily installed anywhere. The light is a series of small LED bulbs within a flexible plastic tube. The most exciting thing about these lights is that you can customize their length according to the area you want to fit them.

  • If you wish to highlight a specific area of the deck, you could get floodlights placed strategically.

Installing Lightning Needs Wiring and Outlets


Assuming that you may also want to install fans to keep the area ventilated in summers, get the necessary wiring done with the advice of technicians trained in the trade. Work with them for ideas like hanging porches, motion sensor lights, and light fixtures hung above the table or lounge. For a more formal ambiance, you could also add a beautiful chandelier.

For more ideas like these, get in touch with us at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, and we’ll talk some more.