Chicago building codes require that you install guardrails, balustrades, and railings to ensure health and safety when building a porch or patio deck. Considering that the railing will be exposed to the elements, architects and designers now recommend that you choose metal over wood. Not only is decorative iron more resistant to moisture, but it also looks more elegant and blends beautifully with contemporary designs for outdoor decks. And, that’s not all. Metalwork takes the minimum of visual space and won’t look tired and worn a few years down the line. Zero-maintenance and versatility are other key reasons you want to opt for decorative iron in place of wood.

Metal Deck and Patio Railings Match Modern Architecture


When you’re looking for minimalistic pickets and posts, decorative iron would be an appropriate choice. Further, you could replace pickets with glass panels that won’t obstruct the view and give your patio an open-plan ambiance. But, if your home exteriors are built around a traditional theme, you could consider installing wrought iron or steel crafted to resemble wrought iron. Prefabricated aluminum molded in different styles is yet another option.

Interestingly, Decorative Iron Lends Itself to Any Taste and Preference


Whatever the design profiles you prefer, decorative iron is possibly the perfect material for crafting them. For instance, getting a double top rail to add an element of visual interest. Or adding post caps with lighting below the caps for diffused illumination. Here’s another exciting option. Iron mimics the look of natural wood but with the benefits of metal that is much more sturdy. Does that sound like something you would like to explore?

At Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, we have a selection of innovative ideas for railings and guardrails that you can use for securing your porch or patio. Call us for an overview, and let’s talk some more.