Customized stairways can add a lovely finishing touch to your outdoor areas. If you’ve opted for an elevated deck that leads out from the second floor of the house, you may need a separate stairway for accessing from the driveway or through the yard and garden. Stairs can be made with any material such as wood, stone, pavers, flagstone, and brick.

The only condition is that they should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the person navigating the stairway. And since outdoor steps are exposed to the elements, you would want to factor in weather-related hazards and maintenance requirements. Add a stylish railing for support and lighting to illuminate at night, and a custom staircase can add to the aesthetics and decor of your new deck.

Custom Railings for Your Deck


Decorative custom railings not only add safety but also define the boundaries and section off the deck from the rest of the yard or garden. Railings allow you to establish personal perimeters when sharing a balcony with neighbors in high-rise apartment units. Railings can be made with different materials to match the decor of the house and deck.

Railings Can be Made with Different Materials to Match the Deck’s Decor


For instance, you can get wrought iron, steel, aluminum, wood, or chrome and glass suitable for homes with a contemporary facade. Adding glass is a fantastic idea since it provides safety without restricting your view. With the advice of the architects at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, you can go for the right materials that need the minimum of maintenance and are suitable for Chicago’s cold and wet climate.

Choosing the right staircases and railings can enhance the look and appeal of your deck, porch, or patio. Trust in the expertise of the people at CRDG to help give shape to your dreams.