If you have a concrete patio or slab and wish to build a deck, the project can be challenging but not entirely impossible. Trust in the expertise and ingenuity of the architects at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden to come up with solutions. Leveling the patio threshold with the deck surface can be done. Using weather-resistant or synthetic lumber, we can build a beautiful outdoor space. You can go with natural wood that looks warmer and more appealing. But, you can expect that the deck will need maintenance with a restaining or repaint task at least every two to three years.

Covering Up the Existing Concrete is Typically Faster


As long as the concrete is in good condition and does not have any cracks, uneven texture, or sags, we’ll use it as a solid base for the new deck. Adding a layer of resin epoxy adds extra protection and gives us an even surface to work on. That eliminates the need for digging foundations and installing joists. Our designers will ensure that the area has proper drainage and a slope, so rainwater runs off quickly. All that remains now is to measure and put down the lumber and screw the planks into place.

Yes, You Can Go for Tiled or Stone Decks


Depending on your preferences, you can go with tiled, stone, or interlocked slabs and pavers. These materials are zero-maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about their upkeep. Hardscaping is also a great idea for locations where the climate is cold and wet. The only downside is the possibility of the surface becoming too cold to walk on in winters.

Whatever may be the kind of patio you have, we can convert it into a fantastic outdoor area for spending time with the family all through the year. Give us a call, and we’ll come by to take a quick look around and offer suggestions.