Having conducted the site’s initial inspection, our architects will work with you to understand your particular tastes, preferences, and requirements. You’ll talk about the elements you need, such as an outdoor kitchen, seating arrangement, dining area, entertainment unit, or perhaps, a pool table and fireplaces or fire pits. We’ll also take into consideration the color schemes you like and the estimated budget. Next, our experts create a 3D model using advanced software solutions.

Designing Outdoor Spaces According to Client Specifications


At Chicago Roof Deck, we understand that your outdoor spaces are an extension of your personality, just like the interiors. Trust in us to give shape to your vision and help it become a reality. Using 3D imaging, we can create schematic designs that reflect the ideas you have. Would you like a multi-level deck, or do you have a specific shape in mind? How would you like the seating arrangement placed, so it catches the sunshine and accords complete privacy? Do you intend to entertain by having friends over, or do you want to create a quiet reading or working nook? Do you need a professional backdrop for Zoom meetings?

Using Software Solutions to Create Schematic Designs


We can make all that happen and give you an overview of how the final spaces will look. You can take your time approving the designs or requesting changes until you’re perfectly happy with the layout. Selecting color schemes, themes, and most appealing materials is a part of this process. Tap into our expertise to advise you on styles that are best suited for the size, dimensions, shape, height, and expected usage of your deck. If you need modifications, we’ll ensure that the changes are planned according to Chicago’s building code regulations for safety and functionality.

When we build outdoor decks, they’re more than just outdoor spaces – they’re stylish, sophisticated, and elegant. Check out our entire portfolio of completed projects, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.