Not only are cafe lights ideal for creating a soft, diffused ambiance for your outdoor spaces, but they are also exceedingly easy to install. You’ll love the flexibility that makes them suitable for decks and porches of any size and dimension. Architects and designers love cafe lights because of their ability to enhance your spaces instantly and lend an element of romance and style.

Cafe Lights Need Not be Fixed in Place


Possibly the most exciting thing about cafe lights is that you need not affix them in place. You can take them down and set them up according to the mood and ambiance you wish to create. Hang up a string along the roof overhang or around the porch perimeter to section off the area. Or, attach them to the railing to illuminate a quiet wine and cheese evening. Cafe lights are also perfect for setting up around the swimming pool or creating a scalloped design around your deck. Go for the Edison-style bulbs made with unbreakable, weather-resistant acrylic material.

Get Cafe Lights Integrated with a Phone App


And, there’s more. Most such lighting options are available with a Bluetooth outdoor smart switch that connects to an app in your phone, so you can control them as needed. Cafe lights are an inexpensive, easy-to-install option that livens up your outdoor spaces with a minimum of time and effort. Also called bistro lights, you can use single strings to brighten the porch or create a canopy for a more formal event like a dinner or birthday party. Cafe lights are also available in a selection of colors, so you can create a combination for a more festive ambiance.

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