Are you planning to develop your roof, porch, or patio and create a lovely outdoor space for spending time? The first step involves getting an expert inspection to ensure the integrity of the existing structures. This process includes checking the beams, joists, columns, ledger boards, footings, connections, and guard rails. You’ll get a licensed Structural Engineer or Architect to ensure that the proposed design complies with municipal codes & ordinances. You’ll also need an inspection and evaluation of the roofing, masonry, flashing, and any other infrastructural items related to the roof deck design or construction.

Designing Contemporary Decks, Porches, and Patios Around Utilities


Contemporary roof decks and patios are extensions of the family’s living spaces. They can be enhanced with an outdoor kitchen, bar, dining, and lounging areas along with entertainment systems and amenities for celebrating events with friends and extended family. When designing the deck according to your requirements and specifications, we will verify the provision of utilities like gas, water, and electricals.

Providing Recommendations for Essential Repairs and Maintenance


If any repairs and maintenance are needed, you’ll need to undertake them before starting with the deck construction project. For instance, replacing split or rotting wood, repairing or replacing the roof, or performing tuckpointing and flashing improvements.

At Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, we’ll conduct the necessary checks to ensure that your building, whether a single-family home, commercial space, or high-rise condominium, complies with the current local building codes. Trust in the expertise of our team headed by Mike Ryan to advise you on the repairs needed for integrity, strength, durability, and code compliance of your roof deck.