When building a roof deck or patio, the initial step involves working with clients to understand their goals and needs and the functionality they’re hoping to get. Once we finalize the ideas, the next step is creating a detailed architectural plan. This blueprint is designed by expert professionals and carefully engineered. Rely on our expertise, attention to detail, and experience to develop plans that translate into a beautiful area for spending time with family and friends. You’ll also get an estimate of the costs and expected timeline for the completion of the project.

Chicago Roof Deck and Garden Provides End-to-End Services


Depending on your project’s category and scope, the City of Chicago requires that you retain a professional architect’s services. We’ll ensure that the deck development project is designed and approved to conform to uniform standards. We also pay attention to safety protocols, compliance with building codes, and structural integrity. Our ideas bring value and an innovative approach to your project with exceptional aesthetics and creativity.

We Have Expert Engineers on Board


A structural engineer can draw up the plans for any type of structure – rooftop, standalone deck, or apartment deck – and provide sketches and 3D renderings to help visualize the layout, dimensions, and integrity of the structure. Such insight is invaluable when figuring out the construction process.

Structural Engineering is Needed at Every Stage of the Project


An engineer’s advice is critical at every step of the project, whether installing chimneys for your outdoor kitchen and fireplace or modifying an exterior wall to include a doorway for egress. And, if you intend to build a standalone deck, you’ll need a structural engineer to design plans and recommend the appropriate building materials.

Call in the experts at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, and we’ll explain more about how this can be done.